Baseball and Boycotts: Suffolk County Community College Earns an “F” on LGBT Rights

I have been a faculty member of Suffolk Community College for more than a quarter century. I have served on their Faculty Senate, their Academic Standards Committee, their Student Liaison Committee, their Curriculum Committee, their Diversity Committee and their Academic Integrity Committee. In addition to having taught seven different courses in and helping to redesign their Early Childhood Education Program,… More →

The Case Against Clinton: Why Hillary Is an Unacceptable Alternative

With the rigged nomination process reaching its inevitable conclusion, we are once again being manipulated with the fear tactics that make us postpone our principles for another four years and resign ourselves to “the lesser of two evils.”  Yes, minor differences can make major differences in the lives of vulnerable people, say with Supreme Court nominations.  But many of us… More →

Time to Go Green: An Endorsement of Dr. Jill Stein for President

Time to Go Green An Endorsement of Dr. Jill Stein for President So it’s all over. Bernie Sanders’ campaign was sabotaged into hopelessness, and all indications now are that he will be a “good Democrat,” stop the anti-oligarchist attacks on Hillary, and “do everything he can” to make sure a Republican isn’t elected. Yes, I supported him. Hell, I voted… More →

Aim Both Barrels At the NRA: A Radical Perspective on Gun Control

  There was yet another school shooting yesterday, at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, where ten students have died.  This is the forty fifth school shooting this year alone.  When is enough enough?  How many children have to be sacrificed to the gun lobby?  How much blood money in the coffers of the gun manufacturers, in the salaries of their… More →

The Trump Lemmings

There is a televangelist by the name of Peter Popoff.  He professes to be a faith healer.  With his funny hair and his claims to be able to make people richer and safer, he has amassed quite a fortune and quite a following.  He has been caught numerous times, for using secreted listening devices, for planting collaborators in his audience… More →

Miscarriage of Justice on Long Island – CRITICAL UPDATE!

Miscarriage of Justice on Long Island (CRITICAL UPDATE)   (You can see the video at   We read about injustice all the time, but most often it’s from a comfortable distance.  We know that there are flaws in our legal system, but we seldom get a magnified view of just how ill-conceived and corrupt it really is, not just… More →

A Different Cultural Lesson Learned At the Pow Wow

I attend the Shinnecock Pow Wow every year.  I have long felt a special, only partially explainable affinity with Native American culture(s), and not only enjoy, but feel especially comfortable being there amongst the people, sounds, rhythms, scents, tastes and colors (including those of the diversity of the participants).  And I am not generally a comfortable person.  I’ve taken in… More →

The Assault on Public Education and Teachers

I’m sure you’ve read quite a bit about “Common Core,” the charter school take-over, teacher assessment measures and the “Opt-Out” movement.  Please allow me to explain the resistance to a revolution designed to privatize, politicize and homogenize American education. Certainly there can be no dispute over the idea of improving public education.  But like with any profession, betterment in the… More →