Israel and Palestine

(as submitted to a local newspaper) The back and forth between “anti-Israel” and “pro-Israel” letter writers has been missing something: complete honesty, because complete honesty creates complications and inconveniences. I am Jewish, and, as such, I believe that my progressive heritage demands that I side with the oppressed, the deprived and the dispossessed. So I have been a supporter of… More →

The Olives and the Grapes

A very, very long time agoIn a magical place called “Palacetown”There lived a family known as “The Grapes” They believed that the Great KingHad decreed that PalacetownBelonged to themAnd their children and their children’s children But one day a new landlord took over PalacetownAnd kicked out the GrapesSo, with no home of their own,The Grapes spread apartTo many different places… More →