“Integrating the Chapters of a Life”

“Through the sharing of deeply second-person reflections, questions, insights and feelings, and the use of poetry, humor, anecdote and word-painting, the author (under a formerly protective pseudonym) digs into the often raw and relatable process of the universal search for self-awareness, wholeness and belonging.”


5starsLeaves the Reader Wanting to Know More!, June 19, 2012

By Chris C.

The author cleverly uses his craft to keep the reader interested. His use of pathos had me laughing one minute and feeling sympathetic the next.

His quick-witted phrases were skillfully placed to pop up when you least expected them. For instance, when discussing a friend who was a psychotherapist, he adds, “although at the time you were unaware that those were two separate words.” One cannot avoid noticing his interesting and unusual style of writing in the second person. This helps to draw the reader into the actual experiences.

Each experience left the reader wanting to know more!


5starsA book like no other!, July 14, 2013

By Wendylady

I found this book intriguing and loaded with words I did not know existed! I now have new words added to my vocabulary. You can feel his passion, angst, happiness and fear in his words. I am ready for the second book! If you want to read a book that is different than most of your everyday reading, this is it.


From Midwest Book Review, September, 2012 edition

  Life is hard to define simply. “Integrating the Chapters of a Life” is a collection of musings from Allen Roth as he ponders his life as a teacher in college and as a father. Using many mediums to tell the stories of his life, “Integrating the Chapters of a Life” is a curious and recommended memoir for those seeking a very personal story.