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Welcome to the Weber Site, the online home of Alan M. Weber, author, educator and renaissance man.

Here you can:

  • Check out my books
    (not in the library sense, that was too hard to construct; more like in the trying to sound like a young and hip salesman sense)
  • Read my latest blog
    (which may be literary, may be political, may be pedagogic, or may sometimes be interesting)
  • Ask questions or initiate discussions in the Early Childhood Education forum
    (the field of education is in desperate need of dialogue these days, if not flaming torches and poison pens)
  • Send me an email
    (there will be a charge for criticism, but at least I want you to feel free)
  • Or just sit back and enjoy the humor, pathos and transcendental insight of the experience
    (or at least the nifty wood paneling and music.  What, there’s no music?)

This site will be updated and expanded upon frequently, so be sure to check back regularly.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay.

Alan M. Weber