“Miens of Existence”



Miens of Existence is the coming together of two stories that take the reader on adventurous journeys of the mind and heart. Through a blending of genres – science fiction, memoir, fantasy and spirituality – the book delves into deep questions about the nature of reality and the power of love. It leaves the reader to speculate about whether these might be revelations from some place unknown or simply the product of an imaginative or warped mind.

In the first story, “The Matter of Mind,” a man laments the impending empty nesting by his son. As the story transitions from chapter to chapter, his surroundings, time and, most strikingly, his son continue to change. What is happening to him… or to reality?

The second story, “The Force of Will,” follows a man who becomes aware of his innate ability to consciously escape threatening dreams. He begins to wonder about the nature and potential of dreams and their relationship to consciousness. The man begins an increasingly perilous series of experiments, searching for the truth about existence and the reach of love.


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