“Miens of Existence”

This book, which combines two short stories of metapsychological adventure, “The Matter of Mind” and “The Force of Will”, is in the process of publication and scheduled for a November release.

Here’s a taste:

Miens of Existence:

Two Mind-Bending Journeys
to the Limits of Possibility

Inspiration or delusion. Faith or folly. Reality or surreality. Enlightenment or madness. Poignant reflections or funhouse illusions. Outside possibilities or inner mysteries. Salvation or desperation. You judge. But be prepared to have your hair raised, your mind expanded, your tears released and your hope rekindled. Here are two stories, “The Matter of Mind” and “The Force of Will,” from the mind and the heart (and perhaps the unknown) of Alan M. Weber, author of “The Wedge” and other works. Enter these pages at your own risk… or reward.”